June 27- July 22, 2018


Kosovo Museum, Lapidarium

St.Nazim Gafurri, Pristina

Opening Hours


(Closed on Monday)


Taiwan and Kosovo Cultural Exchange Associaiton


Kosovo Museum, Termokiss, Zombie Soup

About the Exhibition

Organized by Taiwan and Kosovo Cultural Exchange Association, Kosovo NEXT10 is an exhibition that aims to visualize Kosovo’s vision in the next 10 years . Through the interactive artworks, the exhibition guides visitors exploring Kosovo’s different aspects, and contributing their ideas for Kosovo’s future in the collective creation to share it with others.

Kosovo Museum is an ideal public sphere to spark people’s discussion over the country’s visions, it bridges the gap between the government and citizens . The exhibition is divided into 3 areas: current situation, future vision, and taking action. In the current situation area, visitors would learn from Kosovo's achievements in the past 10 years; in the future vision area, visitors would draw their prospect on the country's future; and in the taking action area, visitors would take actions and share on the website.

The curation team members include organizations both from Kosovo and Taiwan. To complete the exhibition, we hold 5 workshops to collect viewpoints from 50 young Kosovar and 4 Taiwanese designers to bring the interactive artworks a fruitful end.

By holding the exhibition hand in hand, this project not only sets up a milestone in the interaction between Kosovar and Taiwanese citizens, but also creates an opportunity for people to gather and share their ideas for Kosovo's future together.

Kosovo Wall

How well do you know about Kosovo? On the Kosovo Wall, we've selected 10 interesting facts about Kosovo.

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Child’s dream

How would children picture the city's future? In the Child’s Dream project, we’ve invited 20 children to draw the future Pristina, and with the help of Taiwanese designer, Lin Hao Xiang, the children's paintings come into animation. In the Child’s Dream project, their hopes for a friendly, sustainable, and developed country is crystal clear. You could also portrait your vision and share it on the wall.

I’m Kosovar

What type of person are you? What kind of Kosovar are you? What does it mean to be a Kosovar? We’ve developed an online test for figuring out what kind of Kosovar we are, and what are the personalities we treasure for future leaders. You can do the online test, then collect other results statistically. After taking the test, you can also take a picture with the check-in background in the exhibition and share it with your friends.

Knowledgeable Kosovar
Social Kosovar
Kind Kosovar
Leading Kosovar
Creative Kosovar
Activist Kosovar

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Travel VR

VISA shouldn't be a burden whilst traveling. We believe that in the near future, Kosovar citizens will no longer suffer from VISA issues. Therefore, we’ve designed the Travel VR game, through the VR game, you can travel to different corners in the world. We sincerely appreciate the work of Zombie Soup for technical support on the VR project, and Agon Nimani for providing amazing 360° photos of Kosovo. Due to equipment maintainance, Travel VR is only available on weekends.